Create your Own Quizzes: Step-by-Step

16 08 2007

Making a Quiz Boxes Quiz file is really simple, but making a  great Quiz Boxes Quiz file is not so simple and requires some planning. Quiz Boxes is a game of Categories. There are six categories. Each category has five questions in it. The questions all have a dollar value, from $200 to $1000. The cheaper questions should be easier and the more expensive ones should be harder. So in total, you’ll need to write a total of thirty (30) questions…and answers.  Then you’ll need one more question for the Quiz Boxes Breaker.

Some questions before you start:

  • Do you want an overall theme for the whole quiz? – eg. all questions relate to European Countries
  • Do you want random categories only? eg. each category is about a different topic
  • Do you want to show answers and expect questions as responses? i.e. The way the real Jeopardy gameshow works
  • Do you just want ordinary questions and expect ordinary answers? – Stu’s Quiz Boxes can handle either format!

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, it’s probably a good idea to start with a piece of paper and work on one Category at a time.  You’ll need:

  • A Category Title for each of six categories – don’t make them too long!
  • 5 x Questions and Answers for each category
  • Sort the questions from easiest to hardest (work out the order of the questions)
  • A Quiz Boxes Breaker question and answer

When you’ve completed all of this, you’re ready to create a Quiz BoxesQuiz File.

Creating the Quiz Boxes Quiz File:

  • Run Stu’s Quiz Boxes
  • Select however many players – it doesn’t matter
  • Select an existing quiz file – it doesn’t matter which one
  • Move your mouse pointer to the top of the Quiz Boxes window and the menu will appear. Select the Quiz Boxes Question Editor
  • The current question file will be displayed and Category 1 will be shown
  • Click the Make a New Quiz button at the top and the boxes will all clear
  • Type in the Title for Category 1 then type in the questions and answers for that category
  • When that category is finished, click on Category 2 and repeat through to Category 6
  • When all Categories are complete, click on Quiz Boxes Breaker and type in the question and answer you have made for that
  • Finally, click the Save button and you will be asked for a name to save the quiz as. All Quiz Boxes quiz files normally start with “J-“, eg. J-SAFETY.  They normally go into the QUIZZES folder, but you can save them elsewhere if you really want to. Put an appropriate name in, not too long and click the Save button and you’ve now made a new quiz and you can immediately play it!

How to include a SUPER Quiz Box or Two:

You can make any question in the quiz a SUPER Quiz Box, simply by adding two asterisks as the beginning of the selected question. eg. “**Who was the second President of the United States?” – It is recommended that you have no more than two SUPER Quiz Boxes in any one quiz. You can “hide” them wherever you like.

So what happens when someone selects the question that is a SUPER Quiz Box? They get the exclusive chance to risk any or all of the money they’ve accumulated on that next question. Adds some further interest to the game, but you can leave them out totally if you like.  Quiz Boxes Breaker is like a SUPER Quiz Box for everybody. They each risk their own amounts on the question.

Editing your Quiz File:

You don’t have to finish creating your quiz in one sitting. You can start it, Save it, then return to it at any time in the future to continue working on it.

That’s about it. So now that you’re making a Quiz Boxes Quiz, why not share it?




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16 08 2007
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17 08 2007
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18 09 2008

Hi and thanks again for a GREAT game!

I’d like to include a picture as the answer and then have the kids tell me what the picture for the question. What I mean is, the kids will see a picture of a lady listening to the radio and they need to say she listens to the radio. How would I make the first answer a picture? I saw Image: j1-1.jpg but I am not sure what to do there. Thanks in advance.

18 09 2008

Hey Vernon.

Glad you like the game. Step-by-Step instructions for including images can be found here:

12 11 2008

I was just wondering if it is possible to use post questions in this game in french?

12 11 2008

Hi Lindsay,

I suppose if you can make quizzes in German, you can make them in French. Basically, the program itself is in English (the dialogue boxes and screen prompts), but you have control over what appears on the question and answer panels and the category titles. If you can type in different (roman) languages, you can create quizzes in different languages.

5 01 2009


I was just wondering if there is a way to make the game full screen?

Thanks in advance!!

5 01 2009

Hi Jen,

Ali asked the same question on the FAQ page…

6 01 2009
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4 04 2009


i am in year 5 and at my school i get to play this game in school time


5 04 2009

Hi Georgia. Don’t tell anyone, but I suspect this game is really an educational activity in disguise…

13 11 2009

I have a question. I am doing a class presentation on the books we’ve read and Im playing this game as part of my presentation.My school allows me to use computers and projecters etc for my presentation. But do I have to download the program onto the schools computer in order to run my quiz?

13 11 2009

Hi Ash,

No, you don’t have to install QuizBoxes onto the school’s computer – it can run totally from a USB stick without any installation required.

If you are running the program on your home PC to set it up, when you are finished, just copy the whole QuizBoxes folder from your home PC to your USB stick and take it to school, then when at school, open the USB stick in My Computer, open the Quizboxes folder and run the QuizBoxes program – simple as that!

Of course, it may run a little bit slower from the USB stick, especially if you’re embedding MP3 files, but test it for yourself to see how it goes.

Good luck with your presentation! I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park.

2 04 2010

The Game is WAY to big for the screen:

I’m not sure where I read it on the website before, but I was having the same problem with my screen resolution. I am an XP user, so I right clicked on the “Stu’s Quiz Boxes” icon, went to compatibility, and checked off to run the game in compatability with windows 2000. Problem solved!

Thanks for a great game Stu. I’ll submit a quiz soon : D.

3 04 2010

Either you are not running in 1024×768 resolution or higher, or you have LARGE FONTS turned on in your display settings in Windows. Turn that off and it will behave just fine.

18 06 2010

Thanks so much for this game. I am using it to help with training at my job. It is super useful and fun!

18 06 2010

I’m pleased you’re finding it so useful Charlene. The Donate button is at the top-right 🙂

26 10 2010

Dear Stu,

thank you for this wonderfull game, very generous of you to share it!!

I have two questions:

Is it possible to use less than 6 categories?

When I run the game and hit the button with a super quiz box the game closes itself and I get a small window that says runtime error? Is the capacitty of my computer too small??

Greetings from Hamburg Marianne

26 10 2010

Hi Marianne! Yes, you can play three different style games, 6 column, 4 column or two column. See here:

Does your PC play the sounds when you open other boxes and when you mark right or wrong? Would need to know what the exact error says. Could be that the MP3 file for that box is corrupted or missing (special.mp3 and it should be i the sounds folder). Perhaps a fresh install might fix it? If not, try another computer.

26 11 2010

Is there any way that I can change the font size of the questions? Some of the questions I have are too long, the last lines can’t be seen anymore. 😦
Thank you! 🙂

26 11 2010

Hi Eula, you cannot change the font size for plain text questions. Therefore, you should make your questions shorter, Alternatively, click on Instructions at the top and find out how to make your whole question an image file, then you can create a image file as your question with as much text as you want – but remember, the contestants (students) need to be able to read it!

9 04 2013
trif sitnikoff

Great idea – I just finished building a PADI Open Water game and saved it – but now it says the selected Quiz Boxes Question File is not a Quiz Boxes Question File. Its pretty frustrating as I spend about 2 hours researching the questions and answers. Where did i go wrong? and can I recover the quiz?

9 04 2013

All quiz files are TXT files. I’m guessing the file you are trying to open is not the one you saved. What did you call it? Which folder did you save it in? Try using Windows search to find ext within the file – look for a unique word that might be in the file. Then move that file to your desktop or tohe quizboxes\quizzes folder and try loading it from there.

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