Quiz: MP3 Music Quiz #1

12 09 2007

Title: MP3 Music Quiz #1
Author: Stu
Description: A multimedia quiz containing multiple MP3 music files covering classic rock, pop TV Show and Movie Themes
Suitable For: Teenagers to Adults
Instructions: All downloadable quizzes are ZIP files. Click the Download link below to access this quiz from MediaFire (9.84MB in size) then save to your Desktop or another folder on your computer. You must then open the downloaded ZIP file and copy (extract) the entire MP3 Music Quiz folder into your Jeopardy\Quizzes folder. Then open the quiz file with Stu’s Double Jeopardy! PLEASE NOTE: If MediaFire is blocked at your school, you will need to download this quiz using a computer outside school.

[Download from MediaFire]




17 responses

2 11 2007

I have downloaded the MP3 Quiz and find that the song and band names do not match the MP3 clip.

2 11 2007

In every case Thomas? Or in just some or one? I have compared this one in a group several times and it works well for me. Can you let me know what’s not right?

20 11 2007

Nice program, but when I click on “skins” the menu drops down and the program freezes. Have to ctrl/alt/delete and force a shutdown of the program. For sure the best attempt I’ve seen at a “jeopardy” like program that can be used for teaching. KUTGW

21 11 2007

Hi James. I have no such issue, and after 5,000+ downloads of the program, you’re the first to report this. Any chance you could test it on another PC? Also, what Windows are you running?

16 12 2007

I have downloaded and used double jeopardy in the classroom and will continue to do so. Would love to try the mp3 option but there is no play icon on the download. What am i doing wrong?

16 12 2007

Hi Clive! Glad you like the program. Did you follow the steps on this page:


Step 3 is the important one needed to enable to Play (CD icon) button.
If you are referring to this MP3 Quiz download, you have to unzip it into the Jeopardy\quizzes folder (into which it will create its own folder), then you have to run the Jeopardy program and open the quiz file inside that folder.

Let me know if you’re still stuck.

28 12 2007

Stu- you’re a stud!!! Thanks sooooooooo much- I’ve been searching for 2 weeks to try to get a viable solution to customize software to Bible Jeopardy for a spiritual retreat for UCLA and community college students, ans alas nothing… UNTIL NOW!!! YEEEESSS! mp3’s too??!? I’m in bible jeopardy heaven now- can’t wait to mess with the skins too- thanks man, seriously!

Jonathan Perkins

29 12 2007

Happy to assist with your ascent Jonathan. 🙂 Feel free to share your created quizzes. Hope the event goes well.

31 01 2008

we have downloaded the mp3 music quiz unzipped the files to a foder within the quizzes folder (C:\jeopardy\quizzes\MP3 Music Quiz) the only thing is the mp3 do not play by clicking the cd as stated in your documents. Can you help?

31 01 2008

Hi schooltech. Three things:

1. Verify that sound works on your PC with other programs or websites like YouTube.
2. Did you run the Setup.exe that is in the Jeopardy folder? You MUST be logged on as an Administrator when you do it.
3. If you are running Vista, right-click the Setup.exe and choose Run As Administrator

Then try the sound in the game again. Please reply here to let us know how it goes.

11 07 2014

Hello Same problem – no sound when you click on the CD. (followed steps above)

11 07 2014

Need more information. What Windows are you running? Did you try another PC? Did you make your own MP3s or are you using the multimedia quiz downloaded from here?

14 03 2017

how can i put the mp3?

14 03 2017
18 06 2017

After reading all comments about mp3 sound problems, I give up! It doesn’t run anyway in my pc. I tried every step stated in this web. I have windows 10. Could it be the cause? I tried this: I changed the J1-1.mp3 then the CD Icon disappears from the question. So, the problem is not the path. The paths are correct. J1-1.mp3, J1-2.mp3….They appear in the question but they don’t have sound. Anyway, this software is great in spite of this sound lack.

18 06 2017

I am sorry. After writing the comment before I found the solution for my problem.
Here is the answer:
“Q: I have Windows 8 or 10. What do I need to make Stu’s Quiz Boxes work?
A: We have released a libraries fix for Windows 8 and 10 64-bit computers to allow QuizBoxes to run.

Please download the following program:


You need to be logged onto your PC as an administrator, then right-click on the program you downloaded and choose Run as Administrator. A status bar will flash up on the screen, then disappear. When complete, try running QuizBoxes from the QuizBoxes folder. It should work fine.”

It really works. Awesome! This software is highly great!!

19 06 2017

Well done Adolfo!

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