QuizBoxes 5.0 Released!

1 10 2013

Yes I know, it was a long time coming.  For now, the big new feature in QuizBoxes is “Images or Photos on the Answer screens”!

If your question has an image file called J3-4.jpg, then you can now also have an ANSWER image file called J3-4A.jpg – basically, make sure your answers are identically named to your question files, but with a A before the .jpg.  If you have a QuizBoxes Breaker question (at the end) and have a JFJ.jpg question image, you can have an answer image for that final question as well, just call it JFJA.jpg.  It will all appear as your question images do.  Same limitations on image size as for questions.  See that article in the Instructions section for more info on using images in QuizBoxes.

Download the latest version on the DOWNLOAD page.  NOTE that the link to Download.com’s site will take a few days to get the latest version, so it’s best to use the second (blue) download link.

Hope you like it.




15 responses

3 10 2013

Love your game! My kids enjoy it so much.
The download file is still Version 4.1 as of 3 Oct 2013.

4 10 2013

Use the blue link on the Downloads page. CNET takes a while to update their link.

1 11 2013

I can’t find where to comment independently, so I am doing it here…I just tried to download the new version and it triggered a High Risk response from my Norton. I had to delete it. What’s going on with that? I had your former version and really liked it.

2 11 2013

Your Antivirus is reporting a false positive. There is NO malware, adware or anything bad in QuizBoxes. If you used the C-Net link on the download page, then C-Net may have added something. Use the alternate link instead. Be sure that there is nothing of concern in QuizBoxes. It does not even try to connect to the internet in anyway.

4 10 2013

The blue link also downloads Version 4.1.

4 10 2013

Sorry about that. The webserver was caching the old version and serving up that instead. I’ve flushed it now. Try reloading this page, then try again with the blue link – http://quizboxes.com/download/

5 10 2013

The CNet link has now been updated to v5 as well.

2 11 2013

Thanks for this wonderful software 🙂

5 02 2014
Colleen Maney

Oh this is awesome! I posted in another area to vote for the add images to answers and then found this post. THANK YOU!

5 02 2014
Include Images in your Quizzes: Step by Step | Stu's Quiz Boxes!

[…] Yes, it can be done as well.  Have a read here. […]

23 12 2015
Wayne J

Hi Stu,
I love your software, I was actually going to start writing something like this when I found yours. I just contributed to development. My quizzes are pretty media heavy used mainly for special events/parties for family and church. Two things, I think sound might have issues on Windows 10 (which I know quiz boxes has never been approved to run on) and someday I hope for video.
Thanks for all your work,
Wayne J

24 12 2015

Thanks Wayne. Did you apply the patch that’s on the downloads page for Windows 8 and 10?

26 04 2016
emmanuel bradley

Hello – where is the patch located for Windows 8 and 10? is it on the windows site. My version does not have sound as well, I tried downloading 5.0 but I am still having the same issue.

thanks for the help and quiz box is awesome

26 04 2016

It’s on the Download page under the 3rd question.

15 03 2023

thank you so much. i was looking for the instructions for so long.

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