Quiz Making: A Whole Class Activity

16 08 2007

Why is it that so many teachers think they need to create every resource that their class will use? Now you have Stu’s Quiz Boxes as an educational and fun activity for the class to play to help with reviewing subjects, why not consider getting the class to actually create the quizzes?

  • Classes can create quizzes for themselves
  • Classes can create quizzes for other classes at the school
  • Classes can create quizzes to publish at this site and share with the world!

So how can a whole class create a quiz? Well, for a start we have six category titles to work out:

  • Brainstorm with the whole class to work out what those category titles should be. Come up with twenty different titles and whittle them down to the final six
  • Split the class up into six groups with each group working on one of the categories
  • Get each person in each group to contribute questions (and answers) for their category
  • Come up with about 10 questions per group
  • Have the group decide on the best five questions to use in their category
  • Sort the questions from easiest to hardest so that the dollar values can be applied
  • The whole class can brainstorm the Quiz Boxes Breaker question (and answer)

This whole process can be done off-computer, but can require additional research in order to ensure accuracy of the questions and answers. When ready, the task of typing in the quiz into Stu’s Quiz Boxes and proofing it can be rotated among students in the class (as I’m sure once you get started creating quizzes, you’ll want to make one for every topic covered in class).

The whole process of making a quiz reinforces what has been learnt in class and makes for better understanding of the subject content. The groupwork nature of this activity means that everybody gets to contribute to the creation of a shareable and re-usable product and the fact that student quizzes can be made available to the whole world through this website, provides motivation to create more.

Swap quizzes with other classes at your school!  Get a student or two from the class that created the quiz to M.C. the gameshow for another class! There are so many skills you can develop in your student through this one amazing tool.

So remember, don’t try and do it all yourself. Get the whole class involved!  Feel free to leave some comments about your experiences with this activity.

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