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15 09 2008

Hi there,

I like your Jeopardy game. It will be very useful for my Maths class. Is there a way of including superscript characters into the questions and answers? I would like the class to practice equations and need to put numbers and variables to powers.

Let me know if it can be done or put it on the “nice to have” list for the next version.



10 12 2010

Another way to do superscripts and subscripts is to type all your answers in your favorite word processor and then use a screen capture program (. . .I use Paint Shop Pro. !Quick Screen Capture is another example) to capture images of these formulas/equations. Then create a quiz that uses those images.

15 09 2008

Hi Andrew,

In Windows, go Start…Run and type in Charmap and press Enter. In the window that appears, change the font to Arial. There are a few superscripted numbers in there – 0,1,2,3, n and there are some fractions. To use them, copy them to the clipboard, then Paste (Ctrl-V) them into the Jeopardy Question Editor.

3 02 2009

dude i play your game at school and me and my friends love
it we play all lunch and i recomend it to all games

from jordan,
a fan

3 02 2009

That’s great to hear Jordan. Spread the news!

29 08 2009

The Mediafire download site appears to have been specifically designed to thwart downloads. It really seems to want me to buy something. I understand that they are providing a laughably small document download for free, but how many pounds of flesh do they need to do so? If you really don’t want to offer something for free, then don’t. But Mediafire should not just waste peoples’ time with their purposely misdesigned web site. When you host your files here, it just makes the software look bad, regardless of its quality.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for the program, access and download. Going to go and try it now.


29 08 2009

Hi Exploro, the only thing I use Mediafire for is to host multimedia quizzes and skins that people make. If you have ad-blocker turned on in your browser, it will be just two clicks to get your desired file from Mediafire, you choose the option “Click Here to start Download” which is just to the right of the green arrow download icon, and immediately it should give you the option to save. Certainly, Mediafire wants to make money for providing their free service, so they display ads. A lot of them.

But if I were to host these user-generated skins and multimedia quizzes on my site, it would cost me even more money than I’m paying now. Some of the skins are downloaded thousands of times a week. The Jeopardy program itself has been downloaded over 100,000 times to date. While you get it for free (and complain about it), it costs me money. While there’s a Donation button up there, I could count the number of donations I’ve received over the years on my hands. If you’d like to take over the cost of hosting to make the software look more professional, I’d be glad to take you up on it. Hope you enjoy Jeopardy.

24 09 2009

Just a quick question: love the program, use it regularly with my science classes. I do have some quizzes I’d be willing to share – just wanted to know how.


24 09 2009

Never mind…didn’t look hard enough: I found it!

17 11 2009

Stu – Thanks for the great game…we used it for a scholarship quiz bowl tour on transportation and it worked great…it was great to make custom backgrounds and have audio clips in the show…thanks!!!

18 11 2009

Hi Todd. That’s great to hear! I’m pleased it went well.

28 11 2009

The wrestlemania link doesn’t work 😦

29 11 2009

Thanks for letting me know Steve. The link has been fixed.

29 01 2010

I have to say… This program is fantastic. I am an elementary school librarian and in teaching kids research skills, I regularly use games as motivators. Over the years I have used other “Jeopardy type” programs, but yours is by far the best. This week I used your program our “Musical Jeopardy” The kids loved it as much as I did. I especially like the scoring system. Many thanks for your hard work and generosity.

29 01 2010

Thanks for the feedback BeckyHomeEckie. I’m really pleased everyone enjoyed it.

13 07 2010

this game really works well. I am a primary school teacher and my students like this game.thanks for sharing

18 07 2010

Hi Stu,

I ran into a little problem when I tried to play the audio-visual quiz included in the Quiz Boxes download (J-AudioVisual). The audio questions are fine, but when I click on a visual (image) question, an error box came up saying “Run-time error ‘6’: Overflow” then the whole program shut down… HELP 😦

Thank you.

18 07 2010

Hi Christine, I believe the problem is computer-related. Because I know nothing about your computer, all I can suggest for you is to try it on another PC. The quiz works on every computer I’ve ever used.

21 07 2010

Hi Stu,

I tried it on 3 different PCs: XP, Vista, and Windows 7… and same thing happened to all of them… I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO 😦 HELP :'(…..

21 07 2010

Hi Christine. I just downloaded and installed the program onto a PC that has never had QuizBoxes installed. I ran the program and opened the Audio Visual quiz and every image displays just fine when you select the boxes. Unfortunately no-one has reported the error you are getting before, yet somehow you got it on three different PCs. Is there a friend who can try it and give you a second opinion?

7 09 2010

Hey I had that same problem…I just changed the picture and it worked fine. Love the game Stu!

8 09 2010

Changed what picture Richard?

26 03 2011

Is there a way to make multiple choice questions?


What color is an orange:
A. blue
B. green
C. orange

27 03 2011

Hi Debbie, well yes, you can just type in your question, but you’ll need to pay with spacing as there are no line breaks in questions. Alternatively, make your question an image file and display that instead of the text only question. Details here: http://quizboxes.com/2008/08/10/include-images-in-your-quizzes-step-by-step/

16 04 2011

Love this game and it’s professional quality!! Thanks Stu. I’ve prepared an audio/visual game for TV Shows from the 60s & 70s but after finishing it when I re-opened it it gave me this message error: “The selected Quiz boxes Question file is not a Quiz Boxes Question file” and yet it’s the same as the other text files. Can you help me?

16 04 2011

Send me your quiz file as an attachment and I’ll fix it for you. stu_hasic @ yahoo.com – just remove the two spaces from the email address.

16 04 2011

…either that, or open your quiz in Notepad, and open another that works and see if something is missing from yours. All quiz files should have the same number of lines.

19 07 2011

Hi Stu,
Fantastic program! I’ve got my staff hooked after a quick quiz on our SDD…but they (and I) would like to know the answers to the Quiz Breaker question in the “MP3 Lyrics Quiz” as is said bonus points if you could name all song titles and artists but as I didn’t know the answer I couldn’t really award the points…
Just made myself a NAIDOC week quiz – so easy….formulating the qs was the longest part of the whole process – will see how the kids go with it before sharing. Is there a way to acknowledge copyright of images anywhere?
Thanks 🙂

20 07 2011

Hi Kerrie-Anne. Glad you enjoyed it. Here are all the sound clips in the right order from the Quiz Breaker question in the MP3 Quiz:
– Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx
– Money – Pink Floyd
– Invisible Touch – Genesis
– Hotel California – Eagles
– Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel

27 07 2011
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14 08 2011
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27 09 2012
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22 11 2014

Hi and thanks for your hard work with these quizzes, I have used these before and would like to again for my teaching but they don’t work correctly. I start the quiz and all the boxes come up, I click on one of the questions but not all the question appears and there is no way to answer it doesn’t matter where you click nothing happens and I lose my desk top furthermore I have to use windows task manager to stop the programme. I would be grateful if you could help. thanks john

22 11 2014

Hi John,

Sounds very much like you have LARGE FONTS turned on in Windows Control Panel Display settings. You need to set Normal or Small Fonts so the screen displays properly.

31 05 2016
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18 12 2016

Does this work on apple devices if so how

19 12 2016

That sounds like the first question on the FAQ page – https://quizboxes.com/faq/

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