Share Your New Quiz Boxes Quiz with the World!

17 08 2007

Now that you’ve created your own custom Stu’s Quiz Boxes quiz, maybe you’d like to share it with other users from all over the world? As you’ve discovered, a Quiz Boxes quiz file is a text file created in the Quiz Boxes Question Editor and that text file can be easily be sent through and hosted on this website for everybody else to access. Your little gameshow could be played on the other side of the planet, providing enjoyment and education for others.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your email and compose a New Message
  • Address the message to – (replace AT with @)
  • Make the Subject: “A New Quiz Boxes Quiz File
  • Type something in the body of the message about the quiz you made, specifically who you think the quiz would be good for. And also type something about yourself
  • Let me know what name, town and country you’d like to me to put to acknowledge the quiz with. I won’t post your email address on the site and your email address will not be passed onto anybody else. I hate spam and I know you do too
  • Click the option to Attach a file and navigate to your QuizBoxes\quizzes folder (or wherever you saved it) and attach the Quiz Boxes quiz file you made – it should have a .txt extension.  If you have an Audio and/or Visual Quiz to share, please use Winzip or similar to zip the whole quiz folder into one file before attaching that Zip file.
  • Send the email. (If you have more than one quiz to send, please send them in separate emails).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sending in a quiz does not guarantee that it will be featured on this site.  All quizzes are checked for quality and playability. If you send through something completely silly (or offensive), I’ll just delete it. If I think your quiz needs a little more work, I’ll email back some suggestions. If I think it’s great, I’ll let you know, then expect to see it up on the site, available for download within a couple of days!

Remember, by using Stu’s Quiz Boxes, you’ve “agreed” to send me at least one quality quiz to place on the site for others to use. Don’t keep the world waiting!




8 responses

17 08 2008
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11 06 2009

I am so impressed by your jeopardy game – I found five quizzes I could use immediately!! Promise to send one when I create my own. Also looked at your student response network in an inservice this week; Another great idea.

11 06 2009

Excellent! Glad you like them jmwoo. Also good to hear that ICT consultants are actively showing my stuff to teachers.

16 11 2008
Creating Jeopardy Quizzes through Critical Thinking « Stu’s Double Jeopardy!

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20 11 2008
Tyler Downey

I just wanted to say thanks so much for this; it is really, really great! I’ve spent a considerable amount of time online looking for free resources, and this is by far the best thing I’ve found. My kids loved the game, it was easy to work with, and the teachers I’ve shared it with, some of whom have limited computer skills, have all said it was easy to use even for beginners.
Kudos to you, my friend. You’ve got some really good karma building up!~

22 11 2008
Create your Own Quizzes: Step-by-Step « Stu’s Double Jeopardy!

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24 04 2009
Amy Maloney

This is absolutely wonderful! I managed to create my first quiz in no time at all =D (Some of the categories are specific to my class though, so I doubt the rest of the world would want to use it … but I have a feeling I will be creating many more that I’ll be more than happy to share!)

Thanks again for making my life easier – I’m recommending your site to all my colleagues!

24 04 2009

Glad you like it Amy! You may also like my other program,

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