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19 08 2007
Jim Perhne


You’ve done it again! Any educational tool that engages students and allows them to be creative, participate in collaborative learning and have fun is a winner! And free!!

20 08 2007

Thanks Jim. My hobby keeps getting the better of me.

14 03 2008

Do you have an option to set up a timer for each question, posssibly along with the normal J music?

14 03 2008

Sorry Dennis. I haven’t attempted to make a direct copy of the Jeopardy game show. One reason there is no timer is many schools use this as a literacy exercise – The MC does NOT read the question to the participants – the participants have to read it for themselves, comprehend it and buzz in. Some questions are longer than others. In the TV game show, the timer doesn’t start until after the question has been read out – that would require the MC in this game to press a button to start the timer – an extra process.

Regardless, everyone gets the same amount of time to answer and it’s the MC role to decide how long is too long. Hope that answers (before my time ran out 🙂 )

27 06 2008
steve gauthier

Looking for the 31 sound files for MP3 quizze. MP3 song lyrics quiz
Thanks Steve

27 06 2008

Hi Steve,

All the quizzes can be found (coincidentally) under “Quizzes” at the top. The quiz file you specifically want is here:

There is a link to download it from mediafire.

11 12 2008
Michael Veronneau

Hi Stu,

We used “Stu’s Double Jeopardy” yesterday at an all-staff retreat for our organization, and put our executive managers through the ringer. The questions are all specific to our organization, so no value in sharing the quiz—but I did want to share with you how amazed and ‘cool’ everyone thought your program was. It really added to the excitment of the event, and the peals of laughter at the ‘wrong’ answers/general silly actions of the ‘contestants’ gave a burst of energy (and stress release) to everyone. Thank you so much for your program…

12 02 2010
Josh Stovall

Hello Stu,

I recently created a jeopardy game using powerpoint. This was before i foound out about this site! My question is…is there any way of saving my jeopardy powerpoint in a format that would work for your game?



13 02 2010

Hi Josh,

Download any of the quizzes here or check the ones in your QuizBoxes\Quizzes folder. They are simple text files. There is no export/import process for reading some Powerpoint based Jeopardy game because they are all different.

You could of course cut/paste each question/answer between the two.

30 05 2013
Michael McCarthy

Having trouble editing image files. When i open the editor, how do i add or delete image files. tried clicking on it. please help.

30 05 2013

Michael, you can’t edit images in the game program – you have to prepare the images elsewhere. Read this page:

19 12 2013

I have a lenova think pad with windows 8. Stus quiz boxes runs fine, but the sound files wont work. Any suggestions

19 12 2013

So there’s no sound anywhere? No beeps when question displayed? No sounds for correct/incorrect? Or is it no sound you’ve added to questions? Have you tried the same quiz on another PC?

28 12 2013

The music files or mp3 files won’t play. Other sounds that belong to game work great. Plays on other computers. When I click on the cd icon to activate song or sound bite, nothing. It does run windows 8. Tried downloading the patch you have but isn’t compatible with Lenovo think pad.

28 12 2013

Hi Patti. If it plays the normal in-game sounds, then it should play your sound files, as long as they are genuine mp3 files. Email me one of your sound files for testing to stu_hasic”at”

28 12 2013

It still will play the files if I click on them outside the game. I really think it has something to do with the think pad. I have never had a problem with this anywhere on any computer. I just didn’t know if you had anyone have this problem with think pad before.

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