Quizzes – Heart and Lung Revision for EMTs

13 02 2009

Title: Heart & Lung Revision for EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians)
Author: Monica (Firefighter/EMT Trainer) – Kansas, USA
Description: Two quizzes in one download! Each quiz is aim at EMT’s that need to review their knowledge and/or skills.  These two cover anatomy, physiology, medical calls related to the Heart and the Lungs and more.
Suitable For: EMTs, Firefighters, Nurses, Police, Lifeguards and medical services students
Instructions: All downloadable quizzes are ZIP files. Click the Download link below to access this quiz from MediaFire (535KBin size) then save to your Desktop or another folder on your computer. You must then open the downloaded ZIP file and copy (extract) both Quiz folders into your Jeopardy\Quizzes folder. Then open the quiz file with Stu’s Double Jeopardy! PLEASE NOTE: If MediaFire is blocked at your site, you will need to download this quiz using a computer at an alternative site.

[Download from MediaFire]



4 responses

20 05 2009

this file is not showing any pictures in the Heart related questions.
Please let me know how I can fix it. I have read the instruction for how to put images n the jepardy few times and followed all the direction correctly.
thanks in advance

21 05 2009

Hi Brian, When you unzip the download, you get a folder. That folder needs to be copied into the jeopardy\quizzes folder. There isn’t an image on every question, just on some. Take a look in that folder in Windows Explorer or My Computer and you’ll see which questions they are for – J1-5.jpg means the first category 5th question.

23 05 2009

thank you for quick response,
I tried everything you told me and I still don’t see any pictures on category 6 “in Pictures” problems. I tried to change the picture by downloading a new picture (jpeg) and named as “J6-1”. This still does not work. I disabled all my anti-virus programs to prevent script blocking. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.
thank you much.


23 05 2009

Brian, I just downloaded the file, unzipped it and looked in the Heart Jeopardy EMT folder. In there were J6-1 through J6-5.jpg. When I double-clicked J6-1.jpg, I saw a cross-section of a heart with numbers on it. I ran the Jeopardy program and open the Heart Jeopardy EMT folder and selected the Heart EMT Jeopardy.txt file. It opened the quiz. I selected the $200 question in the sixth category “In Pictures”. There was the Heart picture.

Now you tell me what you are doing, because it works fine for me.

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