Jeopardy v3.1 – Introducing the Quickie!

16 08 2008

UP UNTIL today, Stu’s Double Jeopardy has always been a game of 30 questions (five questions in six categories), plus a Final Jeopardy question. A typical game might take up to half an hour to complete with a group of participants. From today, Jeopardy becomes a choice of three different game durations.

Above is a game of “Twenty Questions” (categories 1 and 6 are hidden). After the twenty questions are completed, Final Jeopardy! is played as normal.  If you are really pushed for time and you want a really fast game, play a “Quickie“!

A Quickie consists of just ten questions in two categories, followed by Final Jeopardy!. Categories 1,2,5 and 6 are hidden and only categories 3 and 4 from any quiz file are played.  Of course, this means that if you want a specific set of questions to play in a Quickie, you need to set those into Categories 3 and 4 only in the Question Editor.  For a game of Twenty Questions, you need to complete categories 2,3,4 and 5 in the Question Editor.

So how do you choose which duration game you’d like to play?  Simply select it on the opening Game Setup screen by clicking the option to toggle between the different sizes:

Select the game size at the top of this screen

Hope you like it!  Feel free to comment below.




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