QuizBoxes v4.1 Released!

13 10 2009

Hot on the heels of v4.0 comes the release of v4.1.0.0 which contains a number of improvements and new features:

1. Minor bug-fix – With the changeover to QuizBoxes and the removal of dollar values from the board, a stray dollar sign was left behind on the Super Quiz Box and Quiz Box Breaker screens. This has now been removed. (as suggested by Guy via email)

2. Clarification of the process for Changing Skins – Previously, when you wanted to change skins, you’d click on Skins in the menu at the top, and unless you knew, you’d click once on the skin you wanted, and you’d wait…. and nothing would happen, because to change skins, you actually have to DOUBLE-click on the skin name.  Now when you go to choose a new skin and you point to a skin, it tells you to DOUBLE-click it. (as suggested by Larry on the FAQ page)


3. Enlarging of the Category name when hovering over a QuizBox – Previously, you could only enlarge the name of the category by pointing at the name above the quiz boxes.  Now whenever you point to a still available quiz box, the Category Name will be enlarged at the top of the screen. (as suggested by Guy via email)

4. Introducing the DOUBLE-VALUE QuizBox – Normally, by prefacing any question in the QuizBoxes Question Editor with two asterisks (**), you turn that question into a SUPER Quiz Box, and the player/team that selected it gets exclusive access to the question and they can choose to risk any proportion of their current score in answering the question.  Now, you can also choose to preface any question with THREE asterisks (***), which will turn the question into a DOUBLE-VALUE QuizBox.  There is no risking involved, the question suddenly becomes worth double its normal value.  Again, you would play it as being exclusively for the player/team that selected it, but answering incorrectly or not answering at all can be twice as expensive a mistake.  Use sparingly!! (as suggested by Guy via email)


What are you waiting for? Go and get v4.1.0.0 from the Downloads page right away!  Yes, it’s still completely free.



2 responses

12 08 2011

How do you change the font. I’m using this application for our Surgery Resident ABSITE review for trauma and the scenarios are too big to fit. It looks like there is plenty of space between the heading and the text, but I can move anything.

I think this will work great for our review if I can get the text to fit in that little box.


12 08 2011

Sorry Marge. You can’t change the font/size/placement. You’ll have to abbreviate your question, or maybe use an image?

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