Fireworks Template for Creating Your Own Skins

25 01 2009

Recently I received an email from Ann Hodgson from Marrickville High School:

“Hi Stu,

I tried the Total Image Slicer program but found it added unwanted borders to my images (I’m using Vista – maybe that was the problem).  Anyway, as a result I made up two Fireworks templates which cut out much of the drudgery of slicing the image and then adding the text. The text, in particular, remains constant.

The user only needs to add a new image. The slices are already in place and have been correctly named. Feel free to put them on your site if you think they will be useful. I haven’t included detailed instructions – the user would need to be familiar with the Fireworks program and using slices.”

Hey, thanks for that Ann.  Anything that gives users an option is great, and Fireworks (Adobe, formerly Macromedia) is a brilliant image editing tool. Many schools have Adobe Creative Suite, so they’d actually have Fireworks.

You can download Ann’s Jeopardy Skin Templates for Fireworks from this direct link at MediaFire.  NOTE: If MediaFire is blocked at your school, you’ll have to download it from home.



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25 01 2009
Create your Own Skins: Step-by-Step « Stu’s Double Jeopardy!

[…] For those people who have access to and know how to use Adobe’s Fireworks image editor, here is a great Fireworks Template for Creating Your Own Skins. […]

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