Jeopardy Goes Portable!

27 12 2008

I just released v3.3.0.0 of Stu’s Double Jeopardy!  From now on, you will not need to be an administrator to install Jeopardy unless you want to install it into a restricted folder like C:\Program Files.  As long as your logon has access to write into the desired destination path, you can install and run Jeopardy!

What’s more, you can even tell the JeopardySetup.exe program to install to a USB memory stick and from that point on, your custom Jeopardy games can follow you wherever you go.  You’ll never have to install Stu’s Double Jeopardy onto another computer again.  Just plug in your USB stick, open the Jeopardy folder and run Jeopardy.exe – it couldn’t be simpler.

One of the biggest problems teachers have is the ability to install software in various computers around the school. Now they don’t have to!  You just need your trusty USB stick (but always remember, keep backups!  You don’t want to lose your stick or have it become corrupted).  Furthermore there’s a neat little application called SetupShortcut.exe in the Jeopardy folder that will drop a shortcut onto the Desktop of the PC you are using.

Try it out. There’s more information on the Downloads page.  And let me know what you think in the comments below.

NOTE: If you use the link from, just be sure it says v3.3, not v3.2. They usually take a few weeks to catch up.  The second download link will always get you the latest version.



4 responses

9 07 2009
Mary Wren

Hi Stu

I love the game!
I have creaed my own game on Romeo and Juliet on my home computer and have tried to save it to USB. It appears to be on my USB stick – but when I try to use it at school – it’s not there! Am I missing a step?



9 07 2009

Hi Mary. If you have the full Jeopardy program installed at home and your quiz you created works at home, it’s a matter of copying the ENTIRE Jeopardy folder from your C: drive to your USB stick. Then run it from the USB stick.

23 01 2015

Stu, what are the rules for playing Jeopardy?

23 01 2015

Have a look here – – also, have a look at this video of a real entire game in action –

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